Palestine Commandery No. 17 Bylaws


Article I

Section 1. The title of this body is Palestine Commandery No. 17, located at Independence,  Missouri.

Article II

Section 1. Stated Conclaves. The stated Conclaves of this Commandery shall be held on the First Thursday of each month, there will be no stated Conclave in July and August. All stated Conclaves at 7:00 P.M.

Section  2. Special Conclaves.  Special  Conclaves may  be called by the Commander or set by action of the Commandery as provided in the Grand Commandery By-Laws.

Article III

Section 1. Quorum. A quorum for any Conclave consists of nine members entitled to vote therein, including one authorized officer to open the same.

Article IV

Section 1. Officers and Election. The officers of this Commandery are: Commander, Generalissimo, Captain General, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Prelate, Treasurer, Recorder, Standard  Bearer, Sword Bearer,  Warder, Sentinel, and three Guards.

Section 2. Election. The first five officers together  with the Treasurer and Recorder, are elected annually by a majority vote at the First Conclave in April, and no nominations may be made for any office. All other officers are appointed by the Commander. The Installation will take place after the Annual Conclave of the Grand Commandery.

Section  3. Duties. The duties of the Officers of this Commandery are such as prescribed by the By-Laws of the Grand Commandery.

Section 4. Committees. It shall be the duty of the incoming Commander, each year to appoint an Auditing Committee who shall, promptly after the close of the books on December 31st audit the books of the Treasurer and Recorder and promptly report to the Commandery. The Commander each year shall appoint  a  Chairman  of the   following  Committees:   Budget, Hospitaller, Knight  Templar Eye Foundation, Sick,  Membership, Patriotic, Religious and Telephone. Commander also will appoint ONE board member to Independence  Temple  Association  for  a  period  OF  ONE  YEAR.  The Budget Committee shall promptly after the close of the books on December 31st prepare and present to the Commandery a budget for the ensuing year.

Article V

Section 1. Funds, Receipts and Disbursements. It shall be the duty of the Recorder and Treasurer, respectively, to see that all monies of the Commandery are safely received and deposited in a Banking Firm approved by the Commandery and to its accounts.

The Treasurer shall pay out only such  money as may be  ordered by the Commandery on warrants drawn by the Recorder and countersigned by the Commander.

Section  2.    Interest. The  interest of all money  on  savings  by the Commandery shall be paid annually to the General Fund of the Commandery.

Section 3. Salaries. The Recorder shall receive  the amount of $1.00 per member annually for his faithful service, and in addition such expenses as are necessary in carrying out the duties of that office. The Treasurer shall receive $20.00 for his faithful service.

Section  4. Life – Endowed Membership. The Trustees with the Treasurer and Recorder, will deposit all funds received from  the sale of LIFE – ENDOWED memberships in an account and the interest only shall be drawn annually and deposited into the GENERAL FUND.

Section  5. In the  event  this  Commandery  loses  its  charter and the Commandery to which members are assigned by the Grand Commandery  of  MO,  does not have or will not recognize, LIFE – ENDOWED memberships sold by Palestine Commandery, then the purchase price will be returned to the living LIFE – ENDOWED members of Palestine Commandery before any money in this fund is given to the assigned Commandery.

Section 6. No money from this fund will be returned to a member who is transferring his membership to another Commandery or resigns his membership.

Article VI

Section 1. Fees. Petitions for the Orders shall be on the form prescribed and shall be accompanied by a fee of $50.00.

Section  2. Dues. The annual dues of this Commandery shall be $40.00 and in addition any amount assessed by the Grand Commandery and Grand Encampment. These dues are payable in advance on the First day of January and shall become delinquent if  not  paid  by  the First day of July following. Members may be exempted from paying dues and per capita tax only as provided in Grand Commandery By-Laws. Members who have 50 years of good standing  membership  shall  be  exempted from payment of  annual dues and any amounts assessed by the Grand Commandery and Grand Encampment.


Section 1. Uniforms. The uniform is that fixed by the Grand Commandery and purchase of which shall be optional, but required by all officers.


Section 1. Amendments. Amendments to these By-Laws must be presented in writing and read at a stated Conclave.  No action shall be taken thereon until the succeeding Stated Conclave and only  after  due  notice  to  the  members.  A two-thirds majority of the members present and voting shall be required for adoption. All amendments shall be approved by the Grand Commander  before they become effective. Any By-Law conflicting with the Grand Encampment or the Grand Commandery of Missouri shall be automatically amended to conform.

Adopted by Palestine Commandery # 17,

Donald MacCormick, Commander

Attested  by Larry Walters, Recorder

Approved by the Grand Commander of Knights Templars of  the  State  of Missouri.

Grand  Recorder                    Grand Commander

, 2016